Cutting edge artificial intelligence that understands questions and returns answers in seconds

Automate customer helpdesks and work FAQs with artificial intelligence

An Award Winning Question Answering System

QA Engine is a highly-accurate question answering system that has won the first prize at a quiz competition for AI and defeated a team of human quiz champions held at a leading international academic conference for natural language processing. QA Engine analyzes users’ questions in natural language and provides answers promptly.

QA Engine can help you in the following situations:

Automating helpdesks/chat bots

Automatic responses to users’ questions natural language.
Can also be used as response support system for helpdesk operators.

Knowledge Sharing

Use artificial intelligence for sharing work FAQs.

Use Case

QA Engine is currently used as an automatic response system for a chat support at freee K.K. a leading cloud accounting Saas. By using QA Engine that answers to users’ inquiries quickly during business peaks and outside operation hours, freee has successfully improved customer satisfaction and support service efficiency.

Deployment of QA Engine is easy.

Deep Learning makes it possible to understand variety of expressions in questions and find the right answers.

First, create training data for machine learning

You can create training data from helpdesk interaction data. We have a user interface that makes this process easy.

Then launch machine learning at the touch of a button.

You can launch the machine learning just by one click. No special knowledge necessary. Deep learning analyzes questions automatically and generates highly-accurate answers.

Platform Partners

Human-Computer Question Answering Match @ NIPS 2017

Studio Ousia, the AI quiz champion at NIPS 2017 (the top machine learning conference), also defeated humans.

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